Payment Plans

Payment Plan Installments

Scoot Shack USA now offers interest free payment plans through a 3rd party to better assist our customers needs. Customers can pay in full at checkout, or split their purchase into 4 equal, interest-free installment payments for orders between 50 USD and 3,000 USD. There are no additional charges, interest rates, or late fees passed on to customers. Your order is shipped a few days after your first installment payment.

Credit scores aren't affected if you use payment plan Installments. However, if a customer doesn't pay their installment, or they make a late payment, then they might not be eligible to make purchases using Shop Pay Payment Installments in the future. For more information please add your items to your cart, then you will see Shop Pay Installments as a checkout option. There it will provide you with more detailed information and most likely answer any questions you might have such as:

  • Calculated installment payment amounts.
  • Detailed information to customers who want to learn more about Shop Pay Installments.
  • The latest compliance and regulatory information.